On Thursday Our Time Down Here played their last ever show in Southampton. I really wished I just filmed the whole of the song but oh well, I can’t go back in time and at least I have some clips of it which is better than nothing. The crowd singing Angel Of Mercy was just one of my favourite gig moments ever. 


My photos from the final Our Time Down Here show. I wouldn’t do it any justice if I tried to describe the set. Looking forward to the footage so I can watch it again & again.


our time down here played their last ever show at the barfly last month and here’s a few snappy snaps i took

This is beautiful x


Done today - RIP Our Time Down here! 💔💀


Poster for Our Time Down Here’s last ever show. Had fun finally making something spooky for them after knowing them for so long.


Here’s a video of us playing ‘Under Dim Light’ at the Banquet records in-store last week. Check it out!



With 24 days left till the last tour begins, we’ve uploaded something never before released.
Originally intended for the Midnight Mass 12” which sadly never was, this is the first of two acoustic versions we recorded at The Ranch Production House (where MM and LL were originally recorded too) in November.

You can listen to PRECOGNITION ACOUSTIC at the link below-


We hope you can check it out and like what we’ve done with it.

We have the most magical show planned for this tour, hope to see you all shortly.


The Ever Approaching End

So in case you haven’t seen the video, we are splitting up.

Our Time Down Here have been active since 2006, and 2013 will be the last we will be in action.

It’s difficult to put 7 years of stories, erratic ups and downs, the colossal amount of time we’ve spent in vans or cars on the way to shows or thank the huge amount of people who have made this band possible into this one post.
What I will say is that for the years we have been active, this band has been everything to us. 

I remember vividly being 19 years old, in our first year of properly touring and living in a studio apartment in Shirley, Southampton in the winter.
I shared the building with numerous other fuck ups and drug dealers who used to steal my vinyl packages when they came through the post, thinking they might be worth money.
There were rats in the walls, at night I could hear them clawing through the dry wall by my head. The electricity meter which was occupied the one corner of the apartment that wasn’t filled by the oven, my bed or the door ran on pound coins which I inserted manually like a machine at a fairground.
The worlds shittiest fair ground.

I returned home after the tour, freezing, penniless and miserable. I literally got out of the van, got inside, threw my bag down and wrapped myself in every piece of clothing I had and sat their quietly crying and shaking on the bed as the man next door argued with his ex wife as loud as he could on the phone.

The next day I went to a friends and applied for university online. I ended up being accepted on a few different courses, all of which would have involved me moving away from Southampton to London and quitting this band. 
I was sick of working awful jobs, I was sick of going out on nights out with no money and I was sick of feeling I was going nowhere. 

But sometimes when life hands you lemons, you have to make records.
I decided at the very last minute to stay here and work on a band that honestly had no exact aspiration or goal. 
We went on to record a record called live.love.let go. later that year with peter miles.

I’m not sure looking back at that decision at 25, if other people would see it as worth it. But I guess I still do.

I think most of the dudes in UK punk seem to have a similar story to this, I just thought I’d share mine.
We’ll write more about the reasons we split in the coming month, but rest assured we are all still very tight friends.
Thank you everyone, I hope you have enjoyed tonight’s announcement on facebook.

x Will + OTDH


Dear friends, 
In the coming weeks, 2013’s plan will reveal itself.
Thank you for your on-going support, it is everything.
Keep your ear to the ground, news is coming and the morning has gold in it’s mouth.

x Our Time Down Here

Happy end of the world Tumblr.
Updates coming soon.


We’re having a Christmas party!

12th December. Come get it on, festive style, with us, Blitz Kids, The JCQ and our friends in the very excellent Our Time Down Here at The Barfly in Camden. Shit be gettin’ cray (or whatever cool people say).

Massive thanks to our awesome pals at Last.fm and Mean Fiddler for making this a reality.

These are from the Halloween show, props to DMCornforth.
Check them out here http://www.flickr.com/photos/87236600@N07/

These are from the Halloween show, props to DMCornforth.
Check them out here http://www.flickr.com/photos/87236600@N07/